Good Afternoon Club

Group of senior friends enjoying a meal in Cafe Beca. Sitting by the table and talking.
Good Afternoon Club


EVERY TUESDAY 1 pm to 3 pm

Social afternoon.  Lunch to start  £9 (optional)

An organization run by volunteers for the community and surrounding areas.  We aim to  combat loneliness, for those people that don’t venture out.  We encourage them to comelong and socialise, meet up with people they may not have seen for a long time and make new friends.

We have a variety of activities eg.  Games, quiz’s, table games for the elderly, go down memory lane,  join in if they wish or even sit and chat.  Organised trips out occasionally. 

The afternoon is for men and women of all ages.  No referral needed,

come along and save your energy bills for the afternoon.

Leisure centre: 01554 810155
Amaryllis Stock: 01554 810701
Meryl Gravelle: 07713 569333
Pat Thomas: 01554 810810   

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