Community Fund

The Community Fund…

The Community Council is committed to encouraging community development by working closely with the community by offering financial support for community based projects.  The fund has been created to support community groups and organisations based in the Community Council’s administrative area.

The Council welcomes applications from community groups and associations, voluntary organisations and other agencies that operate or exist within the Community Council’s administrative area.  Provided that you are committed to the community and your project is targeted for the village or communities within our administrative area, you may be eligible to apply for a grant. 

Applications are welcome from:

Residents’ associations; hall committees; village groups/committees; forum groups; amateur sporting clubs and associations; charitable organisations providing a direct service within the Community Council’s area and other special interest groups.

The Council will NOT accept applications from:

Private business ventures; other local authorities; individuals seeking support for their own self-interest; professional artists/groups or religious and political bodies.

Download the Community Fund Grant Application Pack